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Whatever your lifestyle, we can help you achieve the self-confidence you deserve, through proper dental implants and esthetic reconstruction. Lifetime strategies to life changing results Develop a Shared Vision with Us. Call I, along with my Team at Swiss Dental Center, want you to know that we are here for you during this unsettling Virus Crisis. First, understand that if you are reasonably healthy and contract the virus and have adequate care you will survive! We will be doing our best to take care of your dental needs in a prudent fashion in the upcoming days. We are keeping our current appointments this week and next with patients who have not been in contact with anyone ill and have not been traveling or attended a large event or crowd. This will minimize the chance that we will expose ourselves to someone unknowingly and becoming ill because 6 days-2 weeks covers the usual time frame for this virus to cause symptoms. Your appointments are scheduled with no overlap so there will be no social interaction, except with us. This will entail moving some of you a bit further out, since we will be seeing only people per day. We will speak with you each individually to discuss this. New appointments will be scheduled with discretion based on your urgency, health status and possible past exposure to contagious illness. I really believe that having active dental infections are generally a drag on your immune system and even life-threatening. This state can make you more susceptible to any virus and we want to be able to help you. The health of my staff and you as a patient are my highest priority in these upcoming days. We cannot take care of you if we are ill, so please inform us if you are feeling ill or have been in contact with anyone that is. Additionally, when you come for your appointments, we may be asking you to wash your hands and face. If you have facial hair, please shampoo it before coming. This is a fluid situation and there may be additional facts or action plans that we will convey to you in coming days. These will be available on the website SwissDentalCenter. If there is more urgent info to convey to you, we will text or email you, so be sure to call Mel to confirm she has this info. The key is to stay away from unknown people for the next couple weeks, including grocery stores to allow the medical system to catch up with those becoming ill. There is no food shortage, so please visit stores early or late. Carol L.

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It is recommended for bones type 1, 2 and 3. It can be applied in type 4 on condition of the corresponding modification of the surgical protocol. Spiral implant with internal hexagon. Developed for carrying out operations in various types of bones. Its geometrical design includes a double compression carving, three spiral channels proceeding from the apex, and microrings in the cortical area. Titanium implant surface is sandblasted with large grits and acid etched SLA to increase the implant surface for osseointegration, providing long-term, beautiful, functional and reliable result. CHARANGA is the ideal choice for any implant procedures — from the simplest restoration of one tooth replacement to the most difficult full dental rehabilitation. Height is 0. It is utilized when the implant is at a different inclination in relation to the proposed prosthesis. This type of abutment allows, with smaller efforts, to create esthetically right designs. Implant systems and the prosthetic components that we sell meet the European standards of production, traceability and packaging. The cost to have implants placed can be quite prohibitive. Implant dentistry is considered expensive. Luckily, dentist and patients can obtain implants at a more affordable price. I use Swiss Medical Implant. My account Download Catalog. Search for:. Home About us Products Products. Abutments Instruments Multi Units. Healing Cups Surgical Kits. Quick View. Read more.

We provide a broad range of zirconium oxide implants. Our ceramic implants are optimised according to the principles of biologic dentistry. Non-metallic dental implants offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for overall health, which begins in the mouth. The premium products, service and training in the SDS portfolio complement each other synergistically. The symbiosis between biological medicine and biological dentistry, as well as biological treatment concepts and protocols, forms a new foundation for the future of biological medicine. Broadcast on large screens, the live video of surgical procedures provides ideal conditions for courses and work shadowing. SDS ceramic implants: developed and improved through practical experience to offer good aesthetics, stability, precision, osseointegration and health. Consistently non-metallic, SDS implants provide good bio-compatibility. The zirconium oxide used by SDS is the material of choice in bio-immunological implantology. SDS — The innovative leader for immunologically neutral dental implants. Swiss Biohealth Education. Download course program int. Download course program USA. Drilling Protocol. Incident Report. Product Catalogue SDS1. Product Catalogue SDS2.

Learn more about the Swiss Denture Technique in a relaxed environment, and get all the information you need during a private consultation. Dental Implants. Dental Prosthetics. Call the experts at Swiss Dental Center to set up an appointment, and get started on your new smile today. Many of my patients tell me that dental implants have changed their lives as well as their smiles. When you have one or more teeth to replace, dental implants are a permanent, secure substitute for your natural teeth. Choosing dental prosthetics to replace your missing teeth will greatly enhance your quality of life. Swiss Denture Center can help you determine which option is the best for you. After hours calls will be returned the next business day. We love to make smiles new again! At Swiss Denture Center we are proud of the work that we do, and we are happy to help our clients change their lives for the better. Click the button below to see some of their transformations. I am so happy that I became a patient here. Swiss Dentures is the place to go if you need dentures. This is a scary experience to go thru and they treated me with respect and walked me thru the whole process. I love what they have done for me. View Our Reviews Contact Us. Yes No. Close Window. Ready To Schedule a Complimentary Consultation? Dental Implants Many of my patients tell me that dental implants have changed their lives as well as their smiles. Dental Prosthetics Choosing dental prosthetics to replace your missing teeth will greatly enhance your quality of life. Leave your information below and we will call you back. About Us. Our Reviews I am so happy that I became a patient here. Call today to get the process started for your new smile.

He was astounded at how big a difference the treatment made to him. Beautiful fixed teeth in just 5 days. Our world-class implantologists offer a ground-breaking procedure that makes dental restoration possible for almost every patient. It is even suitable for people who have previously failed implantation procedures due to severely atrophied jaw bones and bone recession. How is it possible in just 5 days? The science behind the treatment Conventional implants Conventional implants are usually fixed in spongy bone, as illustrated. Due to its very nature, spongy bone requires 3 to 6 months in order to fuse together with implants to provide a stable foundation for new teeth. We will contact you within 1 working day to see how best we might help you. Filling out this form is without further obligation. He has no pain or anxiety and very happy with his beautiful new smile. Swiss 5 day implant system Most of this lady's teeth had begun to fall out over the previous 3 years. She left absolutely delighted with her treatment, convinced that it was the best thing she had ever done! Swiss 5 day implant system This man had just two upper teeth and his lower teeth were badly worn. He is amazed with the result and never believed a solution was so easily attainable. Swiss 5 day implant system This lady had dentures for many years but could no longer live with them. She finally had the new teeth she had long dreamed about and could consign her troublesome dentures to the past. Swiss 5 day implant system This middle-aged man had loose teeth and was only able to eat soft food. Shortly after treatment he was able to enjoy his favourite foods again. Swiss 5 day implant system This man had an old bridge in his upper jaw and several missing teeth in his lower jaw. The patient has a local anaesthetic or IV conscious sedation and in the vast majority of cases no additional pain medication is necessary. The patients receive their final bridge immediately after the implants have been inserted. There is no need to endure a lengthy recovery period as your new teeth will be installed in just 5 days! Dental implants dramatically improve chewing ability and facial appearance, while our patients also talk about how they enhance their quality of life and boost self-confidence! Why choose Swiss 5 day implants? No sinus lift or bone graft required No healing time required By avoiding the above procedures you pay less Permanent teeth in 5 days Difficult and "hopeless" cases can be treated diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum disease. Conventional vs. Swiss 5 day implant Swiss 5 day implant Conventional implants Additional Surgery No sinus lift or bone graft Sinus lift and bone graft often required Healing time No healing time required 3 to 12 months healing time Cost By avoiding the above procedures you pay less Additional surgery and planning make treatment more expensive Treatment time Permanent teeth in 5 days Permanent teeth in months Eligibility Difficult and "hopeless" case can be treated smokers, patients with severe gum disease or diabetes. Many patients cannot have implants. Guarantee years years. The sinus is located above the pre-molar and molar teeth. The bone in the area below the sinus is relatively thin in normal circumstances and so people suffering from bone recession in this area are unable to receive implants without a sinus lift and bone graft. Swiss implants, as can be seen are fitted at an angle of up to 30 degrees, thereby avoiding the sinus area and the need for a sinus lift and bone graft. Sinus lift and bone graft with conventional implants. Avoiding the sinus area with Swiss implants.

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